Meet David Mew

David is an American artist working with generative and algorithmic art techniques to create his Geo-Surrealistic landscapes. His dream-like, metaphysical worlds draw inspiration from the profound tapestry of personal growth, self-awareness, and mental clarity. His body of work serves as a visual exploration of his transformative journey towards well-being, radiating inner calm and good intentions. As an artist, he finds purpose in encapsulating the intricacies of this inner evolution in physical form, and meaning as viewers connect with the work. The ethereal nature of the artwork speaks to the intangible aspects of personal development, inviting observers to explore the multiverse of their own consciousness. Many of his pieces are titled after his feelings, values, aspirations, and mantras that accompany his ongoing journey of self-discovery and inner change.

The visual language of Geo-Surrealistic landscapes is deeply rooted in geometry, biological forms, patterns, and color theory. There is an intrinsic beauty underlying the simplicity and order of geometric relationships. Connected to the Biomorphism and Techspressionism artistic movements, David’s landscapes feature cellular shapes and biomorphic forms digitally infused with an intricate geometric and curvilinear aesthetic. Abstracted elements of sacred geometry, labyrinths, and mandalas appear in most of David's work, guided by his interest in using them as metaphoric constructs to interpret and understand his subconscious. Within Geo-Surrealistic landscapes one can observe a cellular vitality that imparts a sense of life to the artwork. The pulsating biomorphic energy within the compositions mirrors the vibrancy of personal growth, where each cell represents a unique facet of the transformative journey. This interconnectedness becomes a visual metaphor for the holistic approach to well-being, illustrating the interplay of mind, body, and spirit in the narrative of self-discovery. As someone who is adept at recognizing both physical and intangible patterns in his life, he finds it interesting to use patterns that are repeating or aperiodic to imbue wonder and intrigue into his work, transcending the physical and delving into the metaphysical. Psychedelic colors, reminiscent of the hues observed in moments of profound introspection and higher levels of consciousness, are central to resonating with the viewer's emotions and experiences.

David’s creative process is influenced by practices such as yoga and meditation, which play a pivotal role in shaping the essence of his creations. The connection between his mind and his landscapes becomes a conduit for translating the serenity found in these contemplative practices. Dreams, with their enigmatic landscapes and surreal narratives, also contribute to his art, infusing it with a dream-like quality that transcends conventional reality. David's process, starting with basic geometric forms and motifs he created, showcases a progression that involves playing with scale and repetition with the application of generative and algorithmic art techniques. The subtle alterations in geometric elements and color variations, whether noticed incrementally or going unnoticed, mirror the wide range of ways we perceive change. His fascination with incremental change, symbolized within patterns, reflects an understanding of how meaningful transformations occur in both art and life. The thematic emphasis on recognizing, understanding, and breaking patterns as a means of making sense of the world aligns with the broader concept that change is possible through disrupting existing structures. This philosophy extends beyond the physical realm, touching on the dynamics of breaking patterns and unconscious habits to enable change within.

Viewers are invited to embark on their own introspective odyssey and find connection to the immersive worlds found in Geo-Surrealistic landscapes.

David Mew is an "Indexed Artist" in the Techspressionism Visual Artist Index.

Techspressionism is an artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.

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