Meet David Mew

David is an American artist specializing in Geo-Surrealistic landscapes. His dream-like, metaphysical worlds are explorations of self-awareness and personal growth. David is creatively inspired by his desire to translate into physical form the mental clarity and visions he achieves from tapping into another state of consciousness during his yoga and meditation practices as well as from his dreams. He believes that it is possible for the viewer to experience positive energy and good intentions when they view his artwork. Many of his pieces are titled after feelings of hope and fear that can accompany growth and change.

His body of work reflects an intersection of geometry, patterns, and color theory in art. There is an intrinsic beauty underlying the simplicity and order of geometric relationships. David’s landscapes feature various ethereal forms infused with an intricate geometric aesthetic. Abstracted elements of sacred geometry, labyrinths, and mandalas appear in most of David's work, guided by his interest in using them as metaphoric constructs to interpret and understand his surroundings. As someone who is adept at recognizing both physical and intangible patterns in his life, he finds it interesting to use symmetrical patterns that are repeating or aperiodic to imbue wonder and intrigue into his work. His work also incorporates intuitive color selections that are chosen to evoke specific emotions and emphasize certain geometric aspects.

David’s process often begins with a basic geometric form or motif, then playing with scale and repetition, and later merging them to develop his evocative landscapes. He will subtly alter geometric elements or add color variations to break repeating patterns and for visual effect. These alterations are purposefully obvious, recognized only incrementally, or often go unnoticed, symbolic of the wide range of perceiving change. David is intrigued by change that occurs incrementally.

Just as they occur in our relationships and in life, within patterns, there is meaning. Using and understanding patterns help make sense of the world. And by breaking or changing patterns, growth and change are possible.

About Videre Studio

Inspired by 'To See' in Latin, Videre Studio encourages collectors to See, to Describe, to Think, and ultimately to Connect with Art. Any meaningful and lasting experience with a piece of art begins with truly Seeing it. Videre Studio is based in New York City and Los Angeles.

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